Stress & Migraines

One of the most common causes of headaches and migraines is actually emotionally related stress. When you suffer stress, chemicals in the brain are released, and you experience a certain fight or flight response. It can provoke a change in the blood vessels, and that can cause migraine headaches. It can be episodic or chronic, and it is usually triggered by one event or the buildup of stress.

Whether you are suffering from tension headaches or the more severe migraines, you will find that you stress can be a big deal when it comes to migraines. It is of course extremely difficult if not impossible to eliminate all stress from your life. But there are a few coping mechanisms that you can use to eliminate some stress and get basic results.

1. Get enough sleep every night
Sleep can play a huge part in your body’s natural ability to control its own stress levels. And if you do not get enough sleep, then migraine headaches are much more likely. If you get enough sleep, your body can naturally recuperate and help you to achieve far better results and benefits in many other different ways as well.

2. Get regular exercise
Exercise relieves endorphins, which can also be pain relieving. But they eliminate the likelihood of causing a number of potentially serious problems. And exercise of course can help you to stay in shape, alleviate other problems, and feel better as a whole. You can walk, bicycle, garden, or do many other things. You can use the stairs instead of using the elevator, get off a bus one or two stops early, park at the far end of the lot, and make other rather minor changes to your daily routine.

3. Healthy Diet
Eating healthy foods can help you to reduce stress and therefore reduce migraines. Eating lots of fruits, vegetables, grains, and fat free or low fat milk along with lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, and nuts will help you to achieve better benefits. And of course, it will make you healthier as a whole, reducing stress.

4. Practice relaxation techniques
Relaxation techniques can be rather simple. You could practice counting to 10 for example. You can also practice taking deep breaths, think positive, use yoga or pilates, etc. When you stretch, and massage muscle tensions, it can help. And sometimes, something as simple as talking with friends and family can help you.

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November 29, 2015